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FoodWise makes your life easier and guides you through the process of efficient and safe food donation. FoodWise organises and optimises redistribution flows of excess food. We connect you with food transporters and food receivers using existing resources, all of that within a strict legal framework.

How does it work?

Whether you are a hotel, a supermarket, a restaurant, a wholesale distributor, a caterer and event agency or any other business dealing with food, FoodWise takes in charge your unsold or surplus food and delivers it safely to people in need.

You request

You have surplus or unsold food?

We connect

We find a food transporter who will distribute your food to a food receiver.

You impact

You reduce your waste disposal cost, boost your company image, improve staff engagement and morale, lower your carbon footprint and above all bring positive changes.

How can we help you?

Whether you are a school or an NGO working with children in need, FoodWise helps you provide healthy, nutritious, high-quality food to your beneficiaries. This will help you free up resources to focus on greater missions.

You request

Your beneficiaries need better access to healthy and quality food?

We connect

We find a food donor in your community, matching your needs that has surplus food to give away and we organise a food transporter to deliver it to you.

You receive

You collect the food, store it in the appropriate conditions, prepare it and share it with your beneficiaries.

For non profits


You are a school with underprivileged children or an NGO wanting to support for in need? FoodWise provides your beneficiaries with healthy and nutritious food.

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Want to help us bridge the gap between abundance and need? Want to help us reach a zero food to landfill in Mauritius while increasing access to healthy food? Sign in to get started!

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