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FoodWise fights against food waste and food insecurity by helping businesses repurpose their unsold food in order to help people in need.


We act as the intermediary between them and associations, and take in charge the legal, logistical, and administrative aspects related to the donation of food.


We believe in reaching a zero-food to landfill while increasing poor communities’ access to healthy food.

For us, nothing should be lost but everything should be transformed using the flows of circular and collaborative economy. We are convinced that the future lies in a more responsible and solidarity-based food system whereby industry actors work hand in hand to find innovative solution to reuse, recycle and upcycle food products.

We aim to help businesses find a second life to their unsold food products by repurposing them via associations in an efficient, secure and reliable way.

FoodWise is an inclusive and social enterprise that aims at solving the social and environmental consequences of food waste.


We believe that resources, knowledge, responsibility must be shared in order to build sustainable and circular food systems which positively impacts the community, the environment and businesses.


Meal distribution is not seen by FoodWise as a handout, but as a source of inclusion as we aim to improve well-being, foster choice and bring communities together.


We are engaged in understanding beneficiaries and customers, as well as connecting and partnering with like-minded people and organisations.

Meet our team


Director, Co-Founder & Manager of FoodWise Mauritius


Process Manager


Operations Manager


Communications Officer


Quality Officer


Operations Officer

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